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How to Consign

How to Consign
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Details for Consigning your Item

If you would like to consign your Guaranteed Authentic Designer Merchandise (Bag or Shoes), here are the criteria:

1. Your bag must at least be in good condition (can still be used and is not a "throw-away" item). Shoes must be BRAND NEW and NEVER USED.

2. You must establish ownership of the item you are consigning. Stolen items are strictly forbidden and unacceptable for consignment. (We have a form that you need to fill out to establish that you are the owner of the item, and that the item was not consigned to you by someone else, and you are sub-consigning to us)

3. You must guarantee its authenticity, and have provision for a 30 day money back guarantee should the item be found counterfeit.

4. You CAN opt to send photographs of the item (max of 100kb per photo) for consignment via email at but you have to ACCURATELY describe the condition of the item. Important details should be included: Location of scratches/ marks; Detailed description of interior/ exterior of bag; Measurements (LxWxHxshoulderstrap height if any). Descriptions must be in full detail. We can further evaluate the bag in person should a client be interested, before we present it to the client for viewing.

5. You are required to fill out the consignment form. If item is to be deposited in the care of TRESOR, we will be responsible for its safekeeping. Please review the consignment document.

6. You must provide your complete contact information. Your information is guaranteed to be kept private and will not be divulged to any third party other than TRESOR.

7. You MUST make sure that at the time you decide to consign, you DO NOT withdraw your item from the sale. Withdrawing consigned item at the time of negotiation is unacceptable and will be subject to a fee. This is done because we do not wish to jeopardize our credibility with our buyers. So if you wish to withdraw your item, you must inform TRESOR a day in advance before formally withdrawing, so we can have ample time to inform possible interested clients that the item is no longer for sale. Failure to inform in advance will result in a penalty fee of Php 1,000.

8. Please review the contract of consignment below:

***Contract of Consignment***

Proof of Ownership and Authenticity of Merchandise

Consignee Name:

Consignee Complete Address:

Consignee Contact Number/s:

This is to confirm that the item/s being consigned (with markings):


is/ are guaranteed authentic designer merchandise. Client (Consignee) agrees to consign this/these merchandise to Tresor (Consignor), and as such, Consignor will assume full responsibility for its safekeeping (ONLY if product is deposited in consignors care). Consignor agrees to fully compensate consignee for full value of the item/s (selling price of consignee) should there be damage/ loss. If a purchase is made for the abovementioned merchandise, Consignee will remain responsible for the authenticity of the item/s within 30 days after purchase and as such if merchandise is claimed counterfeit with accompanying papers by the manager of the boutique where particular brand is sold, Consignee will be solely responsible for submitting Cash payment back to the buyer through Consignor, to which an exchange will be made whereby buyer returns the said merchandise. Merchandise will be duly returned to consignee.

Assuming purchase is valid, consignee will be paid via check issued by consignor immediately after the sale for the merchandise has been made, thereby completing transaction.


Ready to consign? Please email us at OR contact us at (+63916) 7580857!

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