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Hermes kellys and birkins:

-Some types of leather used: Togo(comes in veinless or with veins), Taurillon Clemence, Veau Grain Lisse, Courchevel, Mysore, Epsom, Chevre, Gulliver, Box, Suede, Vibrato. Crocodile skin (either in shiny or matte) remains the most expensive type of leather used-- Croc skin can come in Niloticus (2 dots beside signature), Porosus (a ^ beside signature). Other exotic leathers include Ostrich and Lizard.

-Most coveted colors that RARELY come by are: White, Lime Green, Cyclamen (New 2004 color), and Pink and therefore fetch an even higher price. Popular colors which also command a high price are Blue Jean, Potiron, Vermillon, Rouge VIF, Gold, Black, Orange.

-For birkins, sizes come in the newest 25cm, 30cm, 32cm (Haut a Courroie- the original birkin size), 35cm, and 40cm. Kelly sizes range from 28cm, 32cm, 35cm. These are the more popularly requested sizes.

Your Hermes birkin or kelly will forever remain a classic bag. As long as you take extreme care of it, (air it out every week so it doesnt fall prey to our humid conditions), you can pass your bag on to the next generation. The style will always remain the same!

Hermes kellys and/ or birkins have become the most coveted bags by many women, hence the exorbitant prices. Boutique prices also go up every year due to the exchange rate, making these bags' value go up even further. So please also bear in mind that our prices are already resale prices and not in-store boutique prices. With the birkin/ kelly market out there, you will find our prices more reasonable than theirs.

Bags below (with marked prices) are available. These bags are all guaranteed authentic and are not urban myth factory overruns of Hermes (Hermes reiterates there is NO such thing). These bags are approved and come from Hermes boutiques (not their factories!) around the world, and as such, are unquestionably authentic.

For special orders, please call or text us at (+63916) 7580857 or email for further info on procedure for purchase.

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